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Human bodies are not built to withstand the force of a car crash. Despite airbags and other safety features in most of the cars on the road today, injuries from a car accident can be devastating. But what if that wasn’t the case? What would a human body need to look like in order to withstand the force of a car crash? That is exactly what a group of experts in Australia set out to determine. A 3D artist, a road safety engineer, and a trauma surgeon worked together in conjunction with Australian traffic safety agencies and this was their result. Meet Graham.

There are quite a few differences between ourselves and Graham.

1. Skull


Our skull functions very similarly to a helmet. It is designed to absorb the force of an impact to protect our brain. But too often that force, especially from a car accident, causes the skull to fracture. Graham’s skull is designed specifically to absorb that impact with less of a chance of it fracturing.

2. Face


Graham’s face is specifically designed to be flat. This allows all surfaces of his face to absorb the impact evenly. His ears, eyes and particularly his nose are all protected by surrounding muscles and tissue.

3. Rib Cage


Our ribs do a fairly decent job of protecting us but they could be better. In between Graham’s ribs are additional ribs with better protection so that his rib cage acts much like an airbag.

4. Skin


Hidden beneath our skin are millions of nerve endings, which can be damaged in a severe car accident. Graham’s skin is much thicker than ours, which allows more protection for those nerve endings.

5. Legs And Feet


When considering car accidents from a pedestrian’s perspective, the team in Australia determined that the best way to avoid catastrophic injury would be if we were able to move out of the path of an oncoming car much more quickly than we are able to. Graham’s feet are designed to do just that.

Graham is thoroughly protected in a car accident, but we aren’t. When you have been injured in a car accident, you injuries could be severe and potentially life-altering. That’s why you need the dedicated attorneys at Braswell Murphy to fight for you every step of the way.