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Warning Signs of Assisted Living Abuse

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Assisted living abuse is often subtle. You may know that something is wrong, but it can be hard to put your finger on it. That’s why your first step should be to contact an assisted living abuse lawyer at Braswell Murphy, LLC. We can investigate to help you find out what happened – and what you can do about it.

What to Watch For

Unexplained injuries: Physical abuse often results in bruises and sometimes more serious injuries, such as broken bones. Remember that abusers often strike places where bruises will not be immediately obvious, such as the back of the head where a bruise will be covered by hair, or on the lower back or thighs where bruises would be concealed by clothing.

Sexually transmitted illnesses: Sexual abuse can result in the spread of sexually transmitted infections and other diseases. Some people in assisted living are still sexually active, and it’s certainly possible to get an STI through consensual sexual contact. If your loved one is diagnosed with an STI and there’s no clear explanation, abuse could be the cause.

Personality changes: People in assisted living are usually still alert, sociable and engaged with friends and family. Has your loved one become unexpectedly withdrawn? Or does he or she visibly change when in the presence of a certain resident or staff member? Those could be signs of abuse.

Discrepancies in documentation: Assisted living facilities are required to keep careful records of medication administration, medical treatment and so on, as well as financial records and other documents. If something looks off in a financial document, it’s possible your loved one is being double-billed or otherwise defrauded. If medical records are missing, the facility could be trying to conceal treatment for an injury caused by abuse.

Changes in visitation: There are legitimate reasons why an assisted living facility may need to restrict visitation for some residents. If visits have been reduced or stopped with no good explanation given, that is a red flag that the facility may have something to hide.

Again, the warning signs of assisted living abuse are often subtle, and facilities are always careful to shift blame or explain things away. Don’t take their answers at face value. If you believe something is wrong, follow up on that suspicion with an experienced lawyer on your side.

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