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Defective Products

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Were You Injured By A Dangerous Product?

Manufacturers have a responsibility to create products that are safe and effective for the public to use. They are required to carefully test their products and make sure that they are not dangerous – and if a product has inherent dangers, then they need to adequately warn consumers of those dangers. When manufacturers fail in those responsibilities, people get hurt. And when that happens, our law firm holds them accountable.

Consumers Have Legal Rights. We’ll Help Protect Them.

Injuries from defective or dangerous products fall under the area of personal injury law known as product liability. A legitimate product liability claim can arise for one of three reasons:

  • Design defect: This means that the design of the product is dangerous or useless – that the product is defective even if manufactured exactly according to specifications.
  • Manufacturing defect: This means that the product, while soundly designed, was made with poor-quality materials or subpar workmanship, leading to a dangerous situation. For instance, a ladder rated to support 300 pounds may be made from less resilient materials and collapse when holding only 200 pounds.
  • Failure to warn (marketing defect): Some products are inherently dangerous, and it is the manufacturer’s responsibility to let consumers know that those dangers exist. For instance, pharmaceutical companies must inform doctors and patients of any adverse side effects of their medications. A marketing defect can also exist when a company deliberately markets a product for a purpose that it has not been approved for – this is sometimes known as “off-label” use.

Product liability is an exceptionally complex area of law, and the manufacturers have teams of attorneys and investigators on their side to help them avoid paying out. Our attorneys aren’t afraid to stand up to those big companies and get consumers the compensation they need. Money recovered in a product liability lawsuit can pay for your medical bills, lost wages and other expenses sustained while recovering from your injuries, along with more subjective costs such as pain and suffering.

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