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Key Saftey Issues in Alabama Nursing Homes

Know the Issues

Our Attorneys Stand Up For Nursing Home Residents And Their Families

If you’ve made the difficult decision to put your loved one in a nursing home or similar facility, you want him or her to be safe. Sadly, our nursing home abuse and neglect attorneys have seen firsthand that too many Alabama seniors don’t get the safety they are promised. Braswell Murphy, LLC is proud to advocate for victims and their families.

What to Watch For

Disorganized medication administration: It’s the nursing home’s responsibility to be aware of every medication each resident is taking, including both prescription and over the counter (OTC) drugs. Failing to store, administer and document medications in an orderly manner increases the risk of an overdose or drug interaction.

Clutter in walkways: Nursing home residents often have trouble with vision and mobility. Cluttered walkways can increase the risk of a trip and fall, which can lead to serious injuries.

Poor lighting: Many Alabama nursing homes are in old buildings with outdated lighting. Residents who may have vision problems are likely to slip or trip and fall when the lighting is inadequate.

Understaffing: Alabama nursing homes are chronically understaffed. When staff are overworked and exhausted, abuse and neglect become more likely. Understaffing is also associated with high turnover, which means nursing homes may hire inexperienced people – or, worse, high-risk employees with a history of negligent or abusive tendencies.

Cleanliness and maintenance: Because seniors often have weak immune systems, it’s critically important that nursing homes be kept clean. Otherwise, infections and diseases can easily spread from resident to resident. Poor cleanliness may also be a sign that staff are overworked or just don’t take their jobs seriously.

Negligent security: Nursing home residents are vulnerable people. Sadly, assaults are sometimes committed by visitors, trespassers or other residents. The nursing home needs to have adequate security measures in place in order to keep residents safe.

You know your loved one best, and you know his or her needs best. If you see something that looks unsafe, say something. Talk to administrators. Don’t be afraid to make a change if that’s what’s needed to keep your loved one safe.

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