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Offshore Worker Injury

Helping Workers Get Back on Their Feet

Do Your Mobile, AL Attorneys Handle Offshore Worker Injury Cases?

If you are injured while working on a ship or other vessel while at sea, you may be entitled to compensation under a set of federal laws known as the Jones Act. These laws detail the liability of ship/vessel operators for work-related injuries and the deaths of crew members. It is similar to workers’ compensation laws. But unlike workers’ compensation laws, claims for offshore worker injuries must prove negligence by employers or co-workers. These claims can also point to defects in the ship/vessel or its equipment as the cause of the injury.

The Jones Act provides for a wide variety of covered expenses for valid injury claims. These include all medical expenses related to the injury as well as a daily stipend for the each day the worker was injured. The stipend equals the amount of food and shelter the offshore worker would have received had the injury never happened. The employer must continue these payments until the injured worker has recovered as much as possible. Injured workers can also recover pain and suffering, mental anguish, lost wages and a variety of other compensatory damages.

How Does An Attorney File A Jones Act Claim?

The Mobile, AL attorneys at Braswell Murphy, LLC has experience in representing offshore worker injury claims. If you’ve suffered an offshore injury, we can help you file your claim and prove that another’s negligence was to blame. It’s critical to contact us as soon as possible. Most Jones Act claims must be filed within 3 years of the date of the injury.

The following are steps we typically take when representing an injured offshore worker:

  • Review the facts of the injury and determine if the client has enough time to file a claim in court.
  • If enough time exists, file claim papers in a state court and follow up on the client’s maintenance papers.
  • Represent client throughout the claims process.

When you have Braswell Murphy, LLC on your side, you will have attorneys who have a proven track record and who have won the respect of their peers.

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