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Wrongful Death in Assisted Living

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Trusted Mobile, AL Assisted Living Wrongful Death Lawyers

You put your loved one in an assisted living facility because he or she needed some extra help, not because the end was near. If your loved one died while in an assisted living facility, it’s completely normal to feel shocked, lost and betrayed, especially if you believe the death was caused by assisted living abuse or neglect. You need answers, and you need closure. The assisted living wrongful death attorneys at Braswell Murphy, LLC can help.

We Have Experience Handling Wrongful Death Claims In Alabama

In Alabama, a wrongful death claim can be filed at any time within two years of the date of death by the personal representative of the deceased person’s estate, which is usually the closest surviving relative. Under Alabama law, a wrongful death lawsuit can only seek punitive damages – that is, a financial award that’s intended to punish the negligent facility and deter future conduct. We need to prove that the facility was negligent and that your loved one’s death was a result of such conduct.

We’ll thoroughly investigate the assisted living facility. Our attorneys pore over documents, examine physical evidence and talk to witnesses to find out what happened. We build a strong case that the facility’s negligence was what caused your loved one’s death, and we are prepared to go to trial to make sure your loved one’s voice is heard.

No lawsuit can bring your loved one back, but it can help you move forward by holding the facility responsible and providing invaluable closure. In addition, a wrongful death lawsuit sends a strong message, both to the facility where your loved one died and other assisted living facilities throughout Alabama, that negligence will not be tolerated and has serious consequences. The hope is that this will prevent other families from suffering similar losses.

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