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Types of Assisted Living Abuse

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Elderly and disabled people enter assisted living in part because they would be vulnerable living on their own. We trust assisted living facilities to keep our loved ones safe, but sometimes, that trust is violated. If your loved one was harmed in an assisted living facility, trust the assisted living abuse attorneys at Braswell Murphy, LLC to fight for the justice you need.

Acts of abuse can be committed by staff, visitors, trespassers or other residents. Abuse in assisted living facilities typically falls into four broad categories:

What to Look For

Physical abuse: This includes hitting, kicking, beating and other physical attacks on residents. Warning signs of physical abuse can include bruises, broken bones and other unexplained injuries. Victims may also become withdrawn or appear intimidated when certain staff members or other residents are nearby.

Emotional abuse: Sometimes, emotional abuse is overt – screaming at residents, calling them names, and so on. It can also consist of isolation and “shunning.” Either way, emotional abuse is a serious matter that can cause real damage, including depression, anxiety and other mental health issues.

Sexual abuse: Unfortunately, some nursing home residents are sexually assaulted, sexually abused or raped. Warning signs of sexual abuse can include unexplained genital pain, bruising or bleeding, but not all sexual assaults leave physical evidence. A victim may also become withdrawn or ashamed.

Financial exploitation: It may not get the headlines, but financial abuse is actually the most common form of elder abuse. Assisted living facilities may commit fraud by double-billing or billing for services that were not actually rendered. Or staff may steal money from residents or use their money to buy things without authorization.

Every act of assisted living abuse is a betrayal of trust. That’s why we fight so hard for victims and their families. Our goal is to hold negligent facilities accountable and help families rebuild.

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