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Investigating Trucking Companies

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Our Law Firm Holds Trucking Companies Accountable

Truck accidents can be much more challenging to deal with than collisions involving other passenger cars. That’s because you’re not just up against an individual motorist – you’re up against a trucking company. They’ll do everything in their power to limit their own costs, and within hours of your crash, they will have teams of investigators on the scene to get the evidence they need.

You need an experienced truck accident lawyer in Mobile, AL. You need Braswell Murphy, LLC. We’ve recovered multiple million-dollar settlements and verdicts for people injured in truck accidents, and one of the keys to our success is our ability to investigate.

Here’s What We’ll Cover In Our Investigation

Braswell Murphy, LLC co-founder Kasie Braswell, a member of the Association of Plaintiff Interstate Trucking Lawyers of America, has dedicated much of her career to holding trucking companies accountable for their drivers’ actions. When we take on a truck accident case, here’s the evidence we look for:

  • Hours of Service (HOS) Log: Truck drivers are required to follow strict federal standards limiting the amount of time they spend driving. They may only work a certain number of hours per week and have to take mandatory rest breaks while on the road. All of this information is recorded in a log – but the trucking company is only required to keep that log for six months unless an attorney intervenes. Because the information in the log can help us prove that the truck driver was fatigued and may have caused the collision, one of our first steps will be to take action to preserve that log.
  • Black Box Data: You’ve probably heard of the “black box” in reference to airline accidents, but commercial trucks have a “black box” as well. This information can reveal whether the trucker was speeding or otherwise driving recklessly at the time of the collision. Because the black box data is the trucking company’s property, we need to take immediate action to get access to that information and build a stronger case.
  • Truck Maintenance Data: A poorly maintained truck is a dangerous truck. Both truck drivers and trucking companies have a responsibility to keep their vehicles in good working order and to document all maintenance done on the truck. We’ll review those maintenance records and interview mechanics and other professionals who may have worked on the vehicle. That information may prove that the trucking company negligently failed to keep their truck in safe operating condition.
  • Hiring and Supervision Records: Trucking companies are required by law to conduct background checks to make sure the drivers they hire are safe, responsible operators. However, some trucking companies fail to conduct this check or knowingly hire drivers with a history of drunk or reckless driving. If we find out that the trucking company hired a driver with a dangerous history who subsequently caused your crash, we may have a case against them for negligent hiring. Likewise, if the company learned that the trucker had a dangerous history after hiring him or her, we may have a case for negligent retention.
  • Eyewitness Reports: Of course, one of the most important aspects of our investigation is to talk to people who actually witnessed the accident. We’ll interview witnesses and review statements made by the truck driver himself. We may also be able to interview people who saw the trucker before the accident and can testify that he appeared fatigued or intoxicated.

Remember, the trucking company will take immediate action to build their own case against you. That’s why you need to contact us right away. The sooner a truck accident lawyer from our firm can intervene, the more evidence we will be able to secure and preserve to protect your legal rights. We’ll find the information needed to hold the trucking company accountable, and we’ll see your case through all the way to a settlement or verdict.

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