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Nursing Home Odors Often Warning Sign Of Elder Abuse

Warning Signs

Our Nursing Home Neglect Attorneys In Alabama And Georgia Put Your Family’s Needs First

Strange odors in nursing homes may be more than just annoying. They may be a warning sign of nursing home abuse or neglect. It is critical that you take action right away. That’s why our nursing home abuse and neglect attorneys want to meet with you.

Our lawyers at Braswell Murphy, LLC in Alabama and Georgia know what to do because we have years of experience dealing with complex nursing home neglect and abuse. We know what questions to ask, what evidence to look for and how to build strong legal cases.

What Do Strange Odors In Nursing Homes Have To Do With Nursing Home Abuse?

Strange or offensive odors in nursing homes are common and should never be tolerated. Sometimes, these odors occur due to serious problems in nursing homes that could threaten the health and well-being of nursing home residents.

Strange or potentially harmful odors in nursing homes may be due to:

  • Unsanitary nursing home conditions (nursing home not cleaned regularly or thoroughly)
  • Nursing home neglect (especially nursing home patient neglect)
  • Poor nursing home patient hygiene (residents not being cleaned regularly)
  • Bed sores or other infections due to nursing home neglect
  • Rotting or decaying food
  • Garbage left in nursing home too long
  • Toxic chemicals (especially due to improperly used cleaning products)

These are just some of the examples of odors or smells in nursing homes which should be cause for alarm. If you notice these smells every time you visit the nursing home and your loved one’s health suddenly seems to be deteriorating, it might not be a coincidence. Trust your instincts and talk to an Alabama nursing home abuse lawyer at our law firm today.

Take Action To Protect Your Loved One’s Rights. Contact Our Law Firm.

You trust your loved one’s nursing home to care for your family member. That’s why injuries or illnesses due to nursing home abuse or neglect can be so frustrating. It’s easy to feel powerless in these situations, but the reality is that you have options and legal rights.

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