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How We Investigate Negligent Nursing Homes

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A Mobile, AL Nursing Home Abuse Attorney Can Find Out What Happened

Cases of suspected nursing home abuse and neglect can be absolutely heartbreaking. You checked your loved one into a nursing home expecting him or her to be taken care of, but that didn’t happen. At Braswell Murphy, LLC, we fight to help families in Mobile and throughout Alabama when it matters most. Here’s how an experienced nursing home neglect attorney can help find out what happened.

Our Process

Review medical records: Nursing homes are required by law to document medication administration as well as any medical treatment residents receive. We will carefully review your loved one’s medical records for any gaps or discrepancies, which might point to medical neglect.

Hiring and supervision records: In our experience, staffing issues are a factor in the strong majority of nursing home abuse and neglect cases. Many nursing homes in Alabama are chronically understaffed, and understaffing creates a breeding ground for abuse and neglect. Some nursing homes may hire inexperienced or unqualified people or fail to conduct background checks, potentially putting an abuser in a position to harm a resident.

Eyewitness accounts: Getting information out of a nursing home can be difficult because residents who experienced or witnessed abuse may not remember or be able to articulate what they saw. Our attorneys know how to ask the right questions, cross-reference different accounts and start to see the picture of what happened.

Financial records: A careful review of financial records may review practices such as double-billing, billing for services not recorded or other forms of fraud. Besides being a form of abuse in itself, such negligent financial practices might reveal a broader pattern of abuse and neglect.

In nursing home cases, there is rarely a single “smoking gun” that points to clear-cut abuse or neglect. Negligent nursing homes tend to be very good at hiding evidence and concealing the warning signs of abuse and neglect. That’s why you need an experienced attorney to get to the bottom of the situation.

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