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Nursing home neglect attorneys explain what you need to know

More than 40 percent of coronavirus COVID-19 deaths in the United States have been linked to nursing home residents and workers, according to the latest statistics compiled by The New York Times. These figures add up to more than 59,000 deaths as of July 23. Nationwide, more than 144,000 people have died from COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus.

These statistics illustrate the dangers nursing home residents and workers face amid the on-going coronavirus pandemic. That’s why the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has said that nursing home workers and residents face a high risk of being infected and dying due to the virus.

Our nursing home abuse attorneys at Braswell Murphy understand the risks nursing home residents and workers face every single day in Alabama and Georgia, where we have offices in Mobile, AL and Columbus, GA. That’s why we wanted to share this important information about nursing home coronavirus cases with the public.

In certain cases, coronavirus COVID-19 deaths in nursing homes may be due to nursing home neglect or abuse. That’s why it’s important to understand the risks you or your loved ones may face living or working in a nursing home or assisted living facility.

How Common Are Coronavirus Nursing Home Deaths In Alabama?

According to The New York Times, Alabama is one of five states where there is not enough comprehensive data to determine exactly how many people living and working in nursing homes have contracted the coronavirus and how many have died from COVID-19.

According to statewide data that has been gathered, however, 5,086 people who live or work in 131 nursing homes in Alabama have tested positive for the coronavirus as of July 23, The New York Times reports. Of those people, 112 have died due to COVID-19.

Statewide, Alabama has reported 76,005 coronavirus cases as of July 24 and 1,438 COVID-19 deaths, according to statistics compiled by The New York Times.

How Common Are Coronavirus Nursing Home Deaths In Georgia?

In Georgia, an estimated 45 percent of COVID-19 deaths have involved nursing home workers or residents as of July 23, according to statistics compiled by The New York Times. This figure is higher than the state average for many other states.

Specifically, 1,471 nursing home workers or residents have died of COVID-19 in 575 nursing homes, where there have been 13,046 reported coronavirus cases as of July 23, The New York Times reports.

Statewide, Georgia has reported 143,857 coronavirus cases as of July 24 and 3,288 COVID-19 deaths, and these figures continue to climb higher. On July 23, Georgia reported its second-highest single day total for confirmed coronavirus cases in the state – 4,737 positive test results. That same day, 24 new COVID-19 deaths were reported in Georgia, one day after the second-highest single day total for confirmed COVID-19 deaths in Georgia – 78 deaths on July 22, according to The New York Times.

Which Columbus, GA And Mobile, AL Nursing Homes Have Confirmed Cases Of COVID-19?

Many news organizations and government agencies have been tracking coronavirus cases and deaths by individual nursing homes. In the two communities where our law firm has offices, nursing homes affected by the coronavirus pandemic include:

  • Muscogee Manor & Rehabilitation Center Nursing Home: As of July 23, there were 101 confirmed coronavirus cases and 17 deaths, according to The New York Times.

As for Alabama, the state has not released the exact location where coronavirus cases and deaths have occurred in nursing homes, according to Fox 10 News. Rendi Murphree, director of the Mobile County Health Department’s Bureau of Disease Surveillance and Environmental Services at the Mobile County Health Department, noted there have been “outbreaks in a couple of nursing homes” in Mobile County, Alabama, which has the second most deaths by county in the state of Alabama.
As of July 24, Mobile County, AL has reported 175 COVID-19 deaths, including 13 deaths within the last seven days. Mobile County also has the second-most confirmed coronavirus cases by county in the state of Alabama – 6,932 cases, including 1,289 cases within the past seven days.

What Should I Do If A Loved One Died Of COVID-19 While Living Or Working In A Nursing Home?

There are several steps you can and should take if you suspect that a loved one contracted the coronavirus in a nursing home in Alabama or Georgia and died. If so, we suggest doing the following:

  • Contact the local police and explain your concerns to them.
  • In Alabama, contact one of the following state agencies. They normally investigate nursing home neglect or abuse claims:
    • Alabama Department of Senior Services (ADSS)
    • Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH)
    • Alabama Long-Term Care Ombudsman program
  • In Georgia, contact the Georgia Department of Community Health (DCH), which licenses and inspects long-term nursing home facilities.
  • Contact an experienced nursing home neglect attorney right away.

You may be able to take legal action against the nursing home, especially if the facility failed to take necessary precautions to protect residents and workers from contracting the coronavirus. These legal cases can be very complicated and contentious. That’s why we strongly recommend talking to an attorney as soon as possible.

Take The Next Step. Protect Your Loved Ones During COVID-19. Contact Us.

Our experienced legal team at Braswell Murphy & Grubb can help you every step of the way. We know how to carefully investigate nursing home abuse and neglect cases. We know how to negotiate with insurance providers and nursing homes. If they refuse to cooperate, we will not hesitate to file a wrongful death lawsuit on your family’s behalf. Contact us and schedule your free case evaluation with a dedicated nursing home neglect attorney at our law firm. We handle cases throughout Alabama and Georgia.