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Unfortunately, every day, car accidents occur regardless of whether you’re commuting to work, visiting loved ones, dropping your children off at school, or simply returning home. 

Following a car crash, motorcycle accident, or truck wreck, your immediate concern is likely not about the legal support you will require afterward. Nevertheless, when the time comes to pursue legal action, it is crucial to have a representative who prioritizes your well-being and can effectively advocate for you as someone who has sustained injuries in an accident.

Here is a quick guide on how to find legal help when you’re in a car accident from the experienced personal injury attorneys at Braswell Murphy in Mobile, Alabama. 

First Steps After an Accident in Mobile, Alabama

The first step after a car accident is to prioritize any medical needs and seek treatment for any injuries sustained in the collision. After medical concerns have been addressed, it is essential to gather evidence from the scene of the accident, such as taking photographs of the vehicles and surrounding area, and exchanging contact information with the other involved party. 

Additionally, it is important to involve law enforcement to file a report and document further details about the incident. Refrain from discussing who is at fault or admitting any responsibility, as this could negatively impact the outcome of any legal proceedings. 

Unfortunately, this process of seeking compensation after a car accident can be overwhelming and complicated. Thankfully, you don’t have to do it alone. With the help of an experienced car accident attorney, like Braswell Murphy, you can not only receive guidance through the process but have someone that will fight for the compensation you deserve. 

How Often Do Car Accidents Happen in Alabama?

According to Drive Safe Alabama, statistics from 2019 show that there were:

  • A traffic crash reported every 3 minutes and 18 seconds
  • 159,102 total vehicle crashes
  • 46,383 total injuries
  • 851 fatal crashes
  • 930 total fatalities

In Mobile County, there was a total of:

  • 15,758 crashes
  • 4,358 injuries
  • and 84 fatalities

According to this data, typical drivers in Alabama face a startling statistic: a greater than one in three chance of being involved in an injury while operating a vehicle over the course of their lifetime

These injuries can range from minor cuts and bruises to more severe and life-altering conditions that require extensive medical treatment and rehab. The consequences of these injuries can also extend beyond just physical harm, affecting the mental and emotional well-being of those involved, as well as their loved ones. Therefore, it is essential to prioritize safety and responsible driving practices, such as wearing seat belts, following speed limits, and refraining from distracted or impaired driving, in order to reduce the likelihood of these incidents occurring. 

Additionally, it is important to be aware of your legal options in the unfortunate event that you or a loved one does experience a car accident resulting in injury. Consulting with an experienced car accident attorney in Mobile, Alabama can help to ensure that you receive appropriate compensation for any damages (including emotional distress).

Braswell Murphy – The Personal Injury Law Firm On Your Side!

Choosing a law firm to fight on your behalf can be frustrating. From the (seemingly) millions of billboards surrounding every highway, posters, TV ads, and more, it is almost impossible to find a law firm that brings experience, guidance, and care to the table. 

Ultimately, we may be a little biased when it comes to who the “best” personal injury attorney is in Mobile, Alabama, but we also understand the difference between a firm that fights for you and a firm that fights for your money. 

For more information on how the experienced attorneys at Braswell Murphy can help you or a loved one walk through the process of a personal injury, contact us today!