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According to a State Farm Insurance poll, Mobile has seven of the ten most dangerous intersections in the State of Alabama. As a local who was born, raised and educated in the State of Alabaman and more specifically the city of Mobile, I have driven on every single one of these intersections. Yes, some of them are on the congested and annoying side — University Blvd. and Airport being one of the worst listed and my least favorite.

However, I have never once been involved in any type of crash or wreck where the intersection was at fault, nor have I ever heard of such. It always involves another driver, or on the rare occasion, a stationary object like a fence or a tree. Intersections, however dangerous, do not cause motor vehicle collisions, drivers do.

Crash Risk Factors Identified Through Research

Mobile is also known for the quick changing weather. We topped the national list of the wettest city in the continental U.S., taking the number one spot for an average of five feet of rainfall per year. That’s according to a study conducted by San Francisco-based WeatherBill, Inc. [How Weather Changed History], pretty impressive. Bottom line, we have congested intersections where it rains.

To make matters more interesting, our great state also topped another poll relating to the worst drivers in the nation. ranks Alabama number five in the top ten states of worst drivers according to a survey conducted. The findings were based on car fatalities, citations, DUI’s and other issues, with Louisiana topping the list at number one. I agree. I have also driven in Louisiana many times and it is always an adventure, sometimes on the terrorizing side.

Drivers Are Still The Cause Of Most Crashes

It is obvious that Mobile has a few hurdles when it comes to drivers and motor vehicle accidents. Regardless of the hurdles, the common denominator stays the same, drivers are the responsible parties. The weather is inevitable. Blaming conditions of the road such as heavy traffic or the weather will not prevent any future crashes from occurring. Being cautious, obeying traffic laws, and driving based on the conditions around you are logical, easy principles to apply that could save lives, and potentially yours or someone you know.

According to the studies, Mobile is suffering from the apparent presence of all three of the above-stated conditions, bad intersections, bad weather, and bad driving. Intersections and weather do not cause wrecks or crashes, people do. Kasie Braswell and Brian Murphy are skilled attorneys that can help you or your loved ones who fall victim to one of these “bad drivers.”