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Many crashes in Alabama occur on the highways in and around Mobile, including I-10, I-65, U.S. Highway 31, U.S. Highway 43, U.S. Highway 45, U.S. Highway 90 and U.S. Highway 98. But a serious car accident can happen on any road at any time in our state.  

The severity of the crash will affect the forces on your body, but knowing what happens can help you can take steps to minimize the risk of injury or death. 

How Injuries Happen In Car Accidents

Today’s cars and trucks are designed to collapse and divert the force of the crash away from its passengers. Seat belts will gradually slow your body, preventing a severe impact with the steering wheel or dashboard. They also transfer the force into the torso and pelvis, rather than your head.  

Broken collarbones are a common injury in crashes because of this, but are preferable because they’re easier to recover from than traumatic brain injuries. Airbags fill a similar role, preventing your head from striking the steering wheel. However, you may sustain burns from making contact with your airbag. 

Not all of the force in a crash can be directed away from passengers. The more severe an accident, such as those at higher speeds, the stronger the force on the body. Ribs can break and cause a condition known as pneumothorax. This is when air is trapped between the ribcage and the lungs, preventing them from expanding properly. Seat belts worn incorrectly, such as across your stomach rather than the hips, can cause further internal trauma.  

How Speed Affects A Crash

Many people are unaware that minor changes in speed can greatly increase or decrease the severity of a crash. Dr. David Logan, Senior Research Fellow from Australia’s Monash University Accident Research Centre (MUARC), states that the energy produced is “proportional to the square of the speed.” That simply means that “Tripling the speed means nine times the energy.” This can be the difference between a bruised collarbone and a broken one.  

If you’ve been seriously injured in a car accident in greater Mobile, Alabama, you need an experienced personal injury lawyer on your side who can help you build a strong case.